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About Us

The Seniors Centre provides the following services to vulnerable and isolated seniors and elders within the Regional District of Mount Waddington on northern Vancouver Island:
Food Programs

Bagged lunches, food inventory, food distribution, seniors’ run garden, BBQ's, weekly hot meals,

and food delivery.

Watch List Program


At the beginning of the Covid pandemic, we set up a “Watch List” which included vulnerable and isolated seniors who were confined to their homes. Volunteers telephoned those on the list to make sure the seniors were ok. Assistance was offered to those who needed it.

Educational Programs


Food preparation and storage, cooking classes, and tech education classes delivered by

North Island College and

community members.

Seniors Centre Usage


The centre is available, and used by numerous community groups including, the Diabetic Association, Ambulance Training, Cancer Support and the Adult Day Program.

Arts and Craft Programs


Personalized hand-made cards for special events, holidays, Armed Forces and members. Rock painting, jewelry making, knitting, crocheting, and baking for donation and distribution.

Community and Social Events


Attend and volunteer for community and Seniors Centre events. We play various roles in community and social events, from judging parades to baking cupcakes. We also host outing, such as garden and Christmas light tours.

Example of Community and Social Event Activities:

Filomi Days, the largest annual community event in Port Hardy, our seniors participate in the parade, judge the parade, and provide a table for free bingo for the community. For Canada day we ice and distribute 600 cupcakes. At the local Fall Fair we have an information table and provide entertainment on the main stage. We also visit neighbouring communities to support their activities.


Indoor events include for example: Olympic Games – Seniors are divided into various countries and compete against each other for metals and ribbons. Games include: bean bag toss, tabletop bowling, fly swatter balloon basket ball and ladder golf; Flapper Tea & Dance (1920’s); Tacky Tourist; and Fantasy Cruise; Snooker table

Our Story

This is a short snapshot of the humble beginnings of the Hardy Bay Senior Citizens Society. It didn’t just happen magically-it took hours, weeks, months and years to get it off the ground. The old hospital building was bought by the Port Hardy Hospital Society for $20.00 and we began the rental arrangement that has continued for many years. 


The Port Hardy Hospital Society disbanded and the VIHA took over the building and our Lease. The use of the building started in 1983 and we became a Society in 1981. The building has served us well and the many changes, upgrades and uses have continued. It is used by groups as well as the seniors. It is a fun place but is also a food security depot working with Loaves and Fishes and our many partners feeding and distributing meals throughout the community. 


The membership has grown through the hard work of so many people and we currently have over 280 members.


We believe to live to a healthy age; we need to exercise our bodies and minds and socialize with friends. This is happening at the Centre!


Board of Directors
2022 - 2023

John Tidbury

District of Port Hardy Appointee

250 902-7218

Candace Nomeland


250 902-9455

Karen Zoffman

Board Chair

250 949-1646

Dawn Farmer


Rosaline Glynn

Past Chair

250 230-2146

Leslie Driemel



Ev Rolfe


250 949-7158

Lisa Domalain


250 902-4909

Ammie Yuipco


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